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Kyle Krause, Pro Motorcycle & ATV
I wanted to thank you for creating a great product. I even wore my Head Liners at this very hot 12 hour race. They worked Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again.

1st Place, 12 Hours of Glen Helen | Riverside, CA | June 30th, 2007 | 101° F
Don, Ironman
...I found a product that works in the extreme temperatures of the Arizona desert. I'm highly satisfied. Read More
2007 Ironman Coeur d' Alene
Williamson, GA
Working outside in the summer always resulted in red eyes and smeared glasses until i used the head liner. i can work for hours now without worrying about sweat getting in my eyes. this is the best thing my wife ever bought me.
Missing Lenk Motorsports
CrownWear has kept me more comfortable while racing across the deserts of Mexico, California and Nevada! Keeping my helmet cooler I was able to have better concentration on the course ahead. All of us at Missing Lenk Motorsports are wearing CrownWear! Great Product!

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Rick Millett, Pro Snowboarder
No more sweat in my eyes & no more itching. These things are perfect for my helmets and my beanies! Thanks CrownWear!

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I just wanted to pass you a note to tell you how impressed I was with the performance of my Ultimate Crown helmet liner. I bought a 3-pack in preparation for a week-long motorcycle trip in the Southwest (in late June!). The temps went well above 100 in several spots, and I never had any issues with sweat getting into my eyes or soaking through to my helmet. My brotherís noggin was sweating badly after 30 minutes, so I gave him a Crown and he had no more problems the rest of the trip. I also want to give kudos to your sales team, who helped ensure the processing and delivery made it to me on time for the trip.
1st Place - Firebird Raceway - Whiplash
Thanks CrownWear
I live in Florida and own a horse. Riding in the heat and humidity can be very uncomfortable and the protective gear only makes matters worse. Normally, after about 20 minutes, it is just too hot to keep going. Helmets are expensive and getting the interior sweat-soaked day after day takes a toll as far as wear and tear. I noticed a difference the first time I used your Head Liner. I was having a lesson and realized that I had been riding for an hour and still had energy to spare. My head was cool under the helmet, sweat was not rolling into my eyes, and when I took my helmet off, it was surprisingly dry. I won't ride without a Head Liner now.
I wear my Head Liners everytime I ride. It keeps my helmet from smelling and keeps me comfortable now matter how long I go.
It solved my head itch problem when wearing a motorcycle helmet for long distance rides.
I've worn my Head Liners under my ball caps and my helmets for a while now, but what really impressed me was when I wore mine in the rain forest. After hours of hiking in 90+ degree heat with over 90% humidity, I was the only one without sweat in my eyes. Not only that, but my hat has no sweat stains and still smells great. Thanks!
I love my Head Liner! It's super comfy under my helmet and keeps the sweat off my face. Mountain biking wouldn't be as enjoyable without it!
i had a terrible time with my scalp itching. this head liner has cut that out. Thanks CrownWear!
I love that my Head Liners prevent stains & odors. Now I'm finally able to wear my white hats to the gym... without ruining them. I just throw my Head Liners in the wash when I'm done and they're good as new.
good quality, works well, keeps my bald head cool and makes a good bandage
Works well under my motorcycle helmet, keeps my head dry and the helmet clean. Made in the U.S.
My Head Liner even cushions the head shots & it keeps paint out of my hair. Thanks, CrownWear!
Very lightweight and keeps the sweat out of my eyes
Gary Sutherlin Pro Off Road Motorcycle Rider
Thanks CrownWear!
1st Place AMRA Pro | 1st Place WEBE Pro | 3rd Overall National Pro
The first time i wore my Head Liner I noticed the cooling effect it has. It's Great. Thank you for making my motorcycle helmet more comfortable.
Works very well in keeping my helmet dry and clean.
Tim Wussow Pro Off Road Motorcycle Rider

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Makes a smooth surface between head and helmet, helps with the fit of the helmet. Product delivered and shipped quickly. Noticed a big difference the first time I put it on. Will use not only when riding, but playing golf this summer.
They work great! And my kids love 'em!
Thanks CrownWear
Niagara Falls, NY
wicks sweat, stops sweat rolling down face. fits under hard hat & welding helmet
Sunshine State Quad Series Association
The Sunshine State Quad Series Association team proudly wears CrownWear Headliners every time they race.

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Helmet Liners, Hat Liners & Skull Caps
CrownWear Head Liners: The Ultimate Helmet Liners, Skull Caps and Hat Liners

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